Your Phoenix Wedding DJ also serving Sedona, Prescott & Flagstaff Weddings  
WEDDING RECEPTIONS You want a Disc Jockey who can motivate and get involved
with your guests, and play the music they want to hear. Most importantly...A  DJ who
listens to what you want and don't want.

MASTER OF CEREMONIES - Someone who can inform & direct your guests and keep
the event flowing smoothly. You need a DJ who has the experience to address a large
room of guests and be heard!

PLANNING & ON-SITE COORDINATING  Able to connect you with Professional
Vendors, offer creative ideas to enhance your special day, and keep all vendors at the
reception informed with an itinerary of events..

PRIVATE PARTIES  Whether it's a Home/Holiday party or Anniversary party...Peace of
mind is hiring a DJ who has the experience and knowledge of music from the 40's through

CORPORATE EVENTS - You want a DJ who has experience with large and diverse
crowds. A DJ who is experienced in Sound & Lighting Design & Installation will save you

GRAND OPENINGS - Fun music and a great Emcee can get the attention and drive
traffic to your Brand New Business. (and considerably cheaper than a Radio Station

30,000 SONG DATA BASE - You want a DJ that has the music for your event!
Video Montage- New and old photographs cropped and edited for optimum
composition and choreographed to music with a variety of transitions. Great for Wedding
Receptions, Anniversaries, B-Days and Corporate Events
I have a range of packages that are priced according to the type of entertainment I custom craft for
you. Can I ask you few questions to see if I'm the right DJ for you?

What was the cheapest DJ you found so far?  Do you remember what he had to offer?
Why do you think he is so cheap?
If he could get more money for his services, do you think he would do it?

Do you shop for the best value for your money, or do you shop for the cheapest price?
How are you shopping for your wedding?  The best value...or the lowest price?

What if I told you I charge $25/hour...What would be the first thing that would come to mind?
Would you wonder why he is so cheap?

What if I told you I charge $5000 for a wedding and reception...What would you think?
Would you wonder why he is so expensive?

Why is Starbucks the most expensive coffee?

How do you want your wedding to be remembered?

What is important to you.....

Where do you want to go on your honeymoon? Hawaii?... Vegas?...Overnight at the local motel?
All 3 are considered a "Honeymoon"....Do you want a memorable honeymoon?

Do you want a memorable Wedding?

Any DJ company that gives you a price (over the phone, on a website or in a brochure)

without sitting down with you to talk to you about your wedding style, needs, wants or

showing you different options, and what makes them worth their fee, is what we call your

"average-run-of-the-mill", "cookie-cutter" DJ that will do the same thing they do at every

wedding. And when they do the same thing every time...they lose the passion, they lose

their sharpness, they become dull and complacent and most importantly...."Indifferent"

(uninterested, mediocre, unresponsive, uncaring)

This makes your wedding average and the same now as everyone else's.
"How Much Do You Charge/What Are Your Packages?"